At Hartlepool Sixth Form College, your safety and wellbeing is our number one priority.

It's our duty to protect you

We're committed to offering you space where you feel safe, secure, valued, and respected and protected from all forms of abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

We can provide counselling and support for any personal and health-related issues, so if you feel overwhelmed, need advice or a friendly face to talk to, our supportive environment means there is lots of help available if you need it. You are never alone.

It's our responsibility to protect young people, vulnerable adults, and we aim to make sure all adults who may have unsupervised access to our student groups are deemed fit to work with them.

If you have a concern, you can report it via MyConcern.

Counselling and mental health services

Coming to Hartlepool Sixth Form College will give you the opportunity to experience a new independence, have fun, discover a self-belief, and get excited about your future. There may be times when you feel stressed and overwhelmed, or there may be other problems that affect your life and studies. Our Counselling Service offers impartial and confidential support to all students. The Counselling team is part of the wider Intensive Support Service, who are here to support you and your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Young carers suport

If you are under 18 and have caring responsibilities for a relative, this could have an impact on your studies. Our Intensive Support team supports all young carers, meeting you on a regular basis to see if you need any additional help and to check how you're feeling.

Care experienced support

If you are a care experienced young person, we are here to support you. Your life experiences up until you coming to our sixth form may have been difficult, but our Intensive Support team will meet with you, tailor their support to your needs and be the link between you, your social worker, personal advisors, parents, and carers.

Young parents support

We understand balancing studies with family life can be difficult and challenging. Hartlepool Sixth Form College offers one-to-one support and will work with your lecturers and personal tutor to make sure you're okay, help you manage your workload and stay one track during your time with us.

Expert & friendly support