A careers guidance interview is an impartial, one-to-one meeting between yourself and a professionally qualified careers adviser. A guidance interview can last about 45 minutes. A careers guidance interview is not like a job interview - there are no right or wrong answers. 

Prepare for your Careers Guidance Interview

Where the interview will take place? 

Your interview will take place in the Careers Guidance Room at the campus where you are studying at or virtually.  

What will be discussed?

During a guidance interview the careers adviser will help you to: 

  • identify your personal qualities and skills 
  • identify the skills you would like to develop 
  • come up with ideas for study and work 
  • explore specific career areas open to you 
  • explore current and future job opportunities 
  • understand the process of job search, writing a CV and going for interviews 
  • explore your interests, likes and dislikes, family influences, personal barriers and work experience 
  • think about how study, work experience, and home-life can all contribute to your employability 

The careers adviser will give you: 

  • accurate and up-to-date information 
  • the opportunity, if suitable, to complete a skills health check/personality-based assessment which helps individuals to know themselves better 
  • alternative sources of information and help if required 
  • an action plan to help you move forward 

How to prepare for your interview?

Think about: 

  • your current situation - what planning you have already done, if any 
  • what you would like to change 
  • qualifications or additional qualifications and experience required for the career you are interested in 
  • how much control you feel you have in making choices 
  • the ideas you already have but don't know how to move forward with or perhaps you have no ideas at all 

Benefits of a guidance interview 

  • increased motivation and self- confidence 
  • greater self-awareness 
  • identification of more achievable ambitions 
  • improved decision-making skills 
  • increased awareness of opportunities