Our popular taster days are one of the best experiences you can have to learn about your next step. You'll be introduced to the subjects you are interested in and get a taste of life at sixth form. Our Year 10 taster days will take place in June, when you will get to spend the day at our Hartlepool Sixth Form campus. You can select 2 activities and immerse yourself in your chosen subjects.

Find out more about the activities available and then complete the form below to select the two sessions you would like to take part in.

In this exciting session you will be able to work on 3D modelling and electronics gaining some practical experience in these innovative fields.

This interesting maths session adds up to a stimulating new experience! Find out some of the surprising ways in which the same patterns repeat in different branches of Maths.

Discover the world of science - you could take on the Party Popper Challenge and investgate energy transers, forces and motion through the use of party poppers!

You could also explore how cells make proteins or look at the carbon chemistry by investigaing different organic compounds and identify a variety of organical chemicals.

Be on the receiving end of care treatment in our interactive health and social care session and find out if a job role in this industry would be the perfect medicine to your career success!

Have you ever wondered how Pep, Jose and Klopp coach and why they coach the way they do? Explore different ways of coaching with our expert tutors and elite academy coaches to discover how top athletes excel in different coaching environments.

Become a professional in digital art and content design. Construct a digital graphic design of your choice using professional photoshop design techniques. Choose from movie posters to sports illustrations and have fun!

Use Sociology, Criminology and Law get into the mind of criminals and explore how and why people commit crimes, as well as how the law sentences offenders!

Discover all about eye witness testimony in this fascinating session about cognitive psychology and human memory. How good are you at taking information? Would you be a good witnes if you were interviewed by the police? Would you be able to remember everything about a crime?

Examine the key world issues of today through the lens of Geography, History and Politics and decide how you would respond to global problems.

In this exciting session you can explore the English language. You can look at what your accent says about you, or examine language that is even older than Shakespeare!

Lights, camera, action! In this session you will work to recreate an iconic film scene using our professional film kit and TV studiom and then edit using Premiere Pro. Get your popcorn, sit back and view your work on the big screen!

Experience what it’s like to be a recording artist by performing a song in our professional music studios, plus find out what it takes to be a record producer by learning how the studio works and pushing some faders!

In this exciting storytelling and drama session, you will explore physical theatre and discover how you can communicate using techniques such as movement, mime, gesture and dance.

You will learn basic lifts and perform contact work through exercises to create original material. (Please not, you will need to wear suitable clothing for moving around during this practical session.)

Find out how companies develop and market a new product and use your entrepreneurial flair to develop your own!

Explore child psychology and behaviour theory.

Experience the thrill of working in the gaming industry. Use exciting new technologies such as Unity game engine and Maya in our state-of-the-art NextGen studio, to create your very own game levels and 3D models.

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