The Student Council is a group that allows you to speak about your college and how you can improve the aspects of it for you, your peers, and other students.

Anyone can join in and become a Rep for their sixth form - every students' voice and opinions count!

You will have the opportunity to discuss activities you would like to see outside of your classroom.

You can raise concerns about the welfare of you and other students around the sixth form. You can speak up to make a difference!

All positions will be voted for, anyone can join in and become a Rep to improve the sixth form. Every student's voice and opinions count.

The Chair leads the group with ideas that will be discussed and they will work towards solving any issues raised. The Chair also sets the agenda and goes through it.

The Vice Chair will take the position of the Chair if they are absent.

The Secretary writes the agendas, email them before the meeting days, write the minutes down from the last discussion and invite anyone that will help with your queries.

The Rep represents their class and bring issues forward from classmates, as well as any good ideas.

You can download a sign up form below, or they are available on Canvas, Google Classroom, from reception or from your personal tutor.